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MetroPark+ is an Artificial Intelligence based parking solution that allows the Pune Metro commuters to book their parking space at the Metro Stations. One of the unique capabilities of MetroPark+ is, it offers customized workflows for visitor’s parking in commercial offices , housing complexes , Restaurants as well as Hospitals and public and Private Parking Spaces. Using MetroPark + App, visitors reserve parking slot in advance. This reduces mental stress and gives much better experience. Since most of the transactions are online, there are less accounting issues and better transparency. Less time needs to be spent on counting cash and end of day processing. The App backend collects data and does frequent analysis . So depending on time , it informs visitors about probable wait time when parking is full. Visitors get entirely different experience. He can see other nearest parking places as well. Better data analysis helps management to optimise parking staff at different times.


March 2021 QMeet QMeet Video

We have seen there is a huge demand of queue management services especially in this pandemic situation. People were struggling to go out just to stay in any queue such as hospital, clinics, labs etc. Hospital and clinic’s staff also needs to manage this queue. They have to manage people along with providing services.
Hence we designed and developed an innovative mobile app which is super easy to use by people and staff.
Qmeet App manages your patients queue. If your patient enters mobile number in the App or scans QR code displayed in front of any registered clinic or hospital then he gets his position in the queue. App keeps this number updated .
In hospital’s version of the App receptionist sees patients queue. He /she has full control over the queue. He can even enter mobile number of any walk-in patients (who may not have app) and the corresponding patient gets sms about his position in the queue .

Mobility based Milk Distribution Solution

Feb 2018 Milky Calendar Milky Dairy Distributor

In a digital economy, mobility based solution helps milk manufacturers and distributors in optimizing operational efficiency and reduce costs. It helps them in scaling distribution network and reaching their end customers quickly.

On an average a distributor with 500 customers spends around 2 hours daily for keeping milk accounts. Also deficit in supply accounts for around 2% of daily supply. Digital solution is expected address these key issues.

Getting to know area wise demand provides transparency and helps manufacturer in improving supply chain network. Building and analysing data will be critical for future decision making. It will be one of the key parameter to become competent and withstand disruptive innovations.

Keeping all the benefits in mind , Mobile Sutra has developed a Mobility based solution for Milk distribution. It consist of suite of Android , iOS and TAB based multi lingual Apps connecting all links in Milk distribution . The solution connects Milk manufacturer with super stockist, super stockist with dealers/distributors, distributors with retailers, retailers with end customers.

The Android version of end customer App is called Milky Calendar. It helps him to search nearest distributor and connect with him. He can order daily milk and pay monthly bills. He can chat with Distributor and maintain daily milk records.

Distributor has separate App from which he can accept new customers, define milk rate for each customer, update milk records, view payment history and much more. He can add delivery boy login and can assign clients to delivery boy. He can also connect to Super stockist and do bulk ordering.

Super stockist has TAB based App. He maintains all day to day accounts including milk wastages, shortages , daily demand and supply, accounting of empty crates, milk transfer to other super stockiest etc. He sends all daily reports to manufacturer including daily expenses. The solution can be plugged in to existing manufacturer's ERP.

How much will it cost ? You can use the solution free of cost for five customers Then pay Rs 5 per month for each customer subject to minimum of fifty customers. You can either pay the amount in the App or can pay by check to Mobile Sutra. End customers can pay monthly milk bill to you using either UPI App or using Payment gateway. UPI payment is free of cost but you need to manually confirm the payment in your bank account and update the entry in the App. The payment gateway will cost 2% of the bill but the entry is automatically made in the App.

Fee Tracker Plus

1 Jan 2018 Android App

Fees tracking Android App for all types of coaching classes. It helps coaching class in tracking fees. It also helps them in taking quick attendance and sending Text messages. A nominal monthly subscription is charges to access key features of the App.

Visit planner and distance calculator

Feb 2018 Android App

The App is a simple tool for sales and service person to plan their visits. He can submit distance travelled for each visit to company admin. Company admin is given a simple web panel for calculating travel allowance. Admin can easily add new sales/service persons. A nominal charge of Rs 75 is charged as a monthly subscription for the usage of the App.

Wedding Apps in iOS and Android.

11 Dec 2017 Android App

We have developed wedding Apps for celebraties . The cost varies depending on features . A simple Android based visiting card with photo album type App can be developed in Rs Ten thousad . As you add more features like Notifications, search , best wishes , feedback , location of guest stay etc then the cost can go upto Rs. fifty thousand.

SmartBridge for Coaching classes

May 2015 Android App iOS App

Coaching class – Parent communication App. It helps parent to see notices , results , line graph showing comparison of your marks with class topper and class average. Class calendar , exam schedule and much more. Separate Admin panel for coaching class. Easy upload and download of students records in Excel format. SMS and push notification support.

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B-6 , Patil Gardens, Tejas Nagar,
Kothrud Pune, India 411038

Sanjay Athavale
+91 9890211198