Mobility based Milk Distribution Solution

Feb 2018 Android App

The Milk distribution solution helps distributors and manufacturers in reducing cost of operations , increasing effeciency, and gaining the innovation benefits of mobile technology

It consist of suite of Android ,iOS and TAB based multi lingual Apps connecting all links in Milk distribution . The solution connects Milk manufacturer with super stockist, super stockist with dealers/distributors, distributors with retailers, retailers with end customers.

The Android version of end customer App is called Milky Calendar. It helps him to search nearest distributor and connect with him. He can order daily milk and pay monthly bill using UPI payment. He can chat with Distributor and maintain daily milk records.

Distributor has separate App from which he can accept new customers, define milk rate for each customer, update milk records for each customer , view payment history and much more. He can do bulk order to his main distributor or Super stockist.

Super stockist has TAB based App. He maintains all accounts including milk wastages , shortage , demand and supply, empty crates, milk transfer etc. He sends all daily reports to manufacturer including daily expenses. The solution can be plugged in existing manufacturer's ERP.

Fee Tracker Plus

1 Jan 2018 Android App

Fees tracking Android App for all types of coaching classes. It helps coaching class in tracking fees. It also helps them in taking quick attendance and sending Text messages. A nominal monthly subscription is charges to access key features of the App.

Visit planner and distance calculator

Feb 2018 Android App

The App is a simple tool for sales and service person to plan their visits. He can submit distance travelled for each visit to company admin. Company admin is given a simple web panel for calculating travel allowance. Admin can easily add new sales/service persons. A nominal charge of Rs 75 is charged as a monthly subscription for the usage of the App.

Field reporting Apps for Sales and Support staff

June 2015 Android App

Field reporting App for Sales and Support staff. Ability to present products , plan visits and tasks , ability to see client location in Google map and much more. Specially designed dashboard for supervisory staff to monitor Sales Man locations in real time , MIS reports to display plan vs actual visits and tasks.

Wedding Apps in iOS and Android.

11 Dec 2017 Android App

We have developed wedding Apps for celebraties . The cost varies depending on features . A simple Android based visiting card with photo album type App can be developed in Rs Ten thousad . As you add more features like Notifications, search , best wishes , feedback , location of guest stay etc then the cost can go upto Rs. fifty thousand.

SmartBridge for School

Sept 2014 Android App iOS App

School Parent Communication App in Android and iOS. It helps parents to see Notices , Attendance , Year on Year results, comparison of topper and Average, school calendar, time table, cross word , exam schedule and more. Separate Admin panel for school. Easy upload and download of students records in Excel format. SMS and push notification support.

SmartBridge for Coaching classes

May 2015 Android App iOS App

Coaching class – Parent communication App. It helps parent to see notices , results , line graph showing comparison of your marks with class topper and class average. Class calendar , exam schedule and much more. Separate Admin panel for coaching class. Easy upload and download of students records in Excel format. SMS and push notification support.

Expo App

May 2015 Android App iOS App

Award winning iOS and Android App for visitors , exhibitors , service providers and delegates of Expo. Ability to exchange visiting cards , search products , show events and lot more.

Bus tracking

June 2012 Android App iOS App

Schoool Bus tracking feature integrated in Smart Bridge for school App. Parents can see the location of the school bus in realtime using school parent communication App.Ability to receive text sms when school bus arrives near your home and much more.

Smart Society App

Since 1 April 2012 Android App iOS App

A novel, flexible, generic and easily implementable mobile applications for housing and commercial societies.It simplifies communication between society management and society members.

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